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Connection Troubleshooting

Instructions to connect to your LINKA can be found in the “Connecting to LINKA” page.

In the scenario that your LINKA will not connect, here are some troubleshooting steps for connecting to your LINKA bike.

Download latest version of app

Please download the latest version of the iOS app or Android app. Many of the connection issues have been solved with this new app. You may also need to do a firmware update. 

Diagnosing the Problem

Make sure LINKA is unlocked

First, make sure that your LINKA is unlocked. If your LINKA is locked, you can unlock it by using the phone-less access code. To learn more, you can visit the “Phone-less Access Code” page.

App shows connected / Connection unstable

The status message on your LINKA app shows connected, but when you try to lock, your LINKA will not respond. You may notice that the connection icon shows zero bars.


    Solid Yellow LED

    The LED on your LINKA is solid yellow. Normally, when connected, the LED will display a blinking green light.


      "Preparing to Pair" message

      When pairing to your LINKA, you will receive a “Preparing to Pair” message. If Bluetooth is on, and your LINKA is awake, this message should be displayed for less than 10 seconds. If you have tried to pair unsuccessfully multiple times, and see this message for more than 20 seconds, then you will need to go through the steps below.


        Unable to Find LINKA

        When you click on “Search for LINKA”, a message will appear that says “Searching”. If Bluetooth is on, and your LINKA is awake and blinking blue, your LINKA should appear within 10 seconds.


        Troubleshooting Steps 

        Here are some troubleshooting steps to solve these problems. Most users will be able to solve the problem by the second step.

        NOTE: If your app is below version 1.7, please download latest version of the app. 

        1. Terminate the app and restart the app.

        2. Go through the un-pairing process. Go to Settings->Bluetooth, find “LINKA 1”, and press on “Forget This Device”.


          3. Delete your LINKA device from your app. Under the left-sidebar menu of your app, click the red minus sign beside your LINKA device. Pair up with your LINKA again. 

          4. If you are using Android, make sure your LINKA app has permission to use your phone's location

          5. Uninstall the app and reinstall the app

          6. Restart the phone

          7. If these steps do not work, please connect to LINKA using a different phone. Then, factory reset your LINKA using that phone. To learn how to factory reset, visit the “Factory Reset” page.

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          Live Chat Support

          If you have any other questions or problems using your LINKA, please use our Live Chat support.

          Our Live Chat hours are Hong Kong Time 8:00-20:00 (GMT 0:00-12:00) (PST 17:00-5:00)