Doing Firmware Updates

Firmware is the program that your LINKA lock runs.

Firmware updates happen once every few months, and help make your LINKA even better. If there is a firmware update available, your LINKA app will automatically notify you.

The videos below show the firmware upgrade process.  

Firmware update for iOS 

Firmware update for Android


The firmware update process should take less than 2 minutes. If it takes more than 3 minutes, please see the following troubleshoot tips:

Firmware update stuck at 0%

If the firmware is staying at 0% for more than 15 seconds, please terminate the app, and restart the firmware update.

1. If you are using an iOS phone, make sure that you have followed the instructions to remove pairing.

2. When you press "Update Firmware", make sure your LINKA LED is still solid purple. If it is not, your LINKA has timed-out of firmware update mode, and you will need to restart the process.

3. After you press "Update Firmware", the LED on your LINKA should be solid yellow. 

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