Locking and Unlocking your LINKA

There are two ways to unlock and lock your LINKA.

The first way is to use your mobile phone to connect to your LINKA. The second way is to access your LINKA with a phone-less access code.

Locking LINKA with your mobile phone

1. Connect to phone

To lock your LINKA, your lock must be connected to your phone. Make sure that the status on your LINKA app shows “Connected”, and your LINKA is blinking green. To learn how to connect your LINKA, visit the “Connecting to your LINKA” page. 

2. Double tap power button

To lock your LINKA, double tap on the power button your LINKA. The locking ring on your LINKA will immediately start locking.


If you encounter unexpected behavior while locking, such as the locking ring retracting, visit our “Locking Troubleshooting” page.

Unlocking LINKA with your mobile phone

1. Wake up LINKA

To unlock your LINKA, make sure your LINKA is awake. When locked, your LINKA will go into sleep mode after 4 hours. To wake up your LINKA, press the power button once. 

2. Connect to phone

Make sure that your LINKA is connected to your phone by verifying that the status on your LINKA app shows “Connected”. When your LINKA is locked, the LED on your lock will be off or blinking red.

3a. Double tap on LINKA app

To unlock, double tap on the LINKA locking ring image on the LINKA app.


3b. Double tap power button

An alternative way to unlock your LINKA is to double tap on the power button. unlocking.GIF

3c. Unlock using auto-unlock

Lastly, you can unlock your LINKA by enabling “Auto-unlock”.

When your phone approaches within 3 meters of your LINKA, your LINKA will automatically unlock.


To learn more about auto-unlock, visit our “Auto-unlocking” page.

Locking and unlocking LINKA using phone-less access code

To use your phoneless access code, hold the power button for 6 seconds until the LED blinks purple. While the LED is blinking purple, you may enter your four digit code.


To learn more about phone-less access, visit our “Phone-less Access” page.

Obstructions when locking

During the locking process, if the locking ring hits a spoke on the bike, it will retract, and you will receive an alert on your phone that your bike is not locked.


If you are receiving this alert even though there is no obstruction, or if you are having trouble locking or unlocking your LINKA, please visit our “Locking Troubleshooting” page.

Movement when locking

When LINKA's accelerometers detect movement, they will prevent you from locking your LINKA. To lock your LINKA, make sure that your bike is stationary for 2 seconds before locking. 

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