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Best lock security on the market. This concept is so cool! USB charging and phone app controlled (with manual backup). 

I like the battery capacity--long time between charges.

I would not trade this lock for any other I have seen.

-- @uniquebobc, USA

Love my LINKA lock. Awesome experience ! Easy to order, quick delivery, effortless setup and flawless operation.

-- Kal S, United States.


Still working after being run over by a car.

-- Thomas Haney, USA.

Overall, I love this lock. The magic of not having to carry keys or deal with a separate lock is pretty darn neat.

-- Todd, USA.

Smart, keyless and secure

Share your bike with friends with the world’s first auto‐unlocking bike lock.


Lock Smarter, Not Harder.

Every LINKA Smart Bike Lock is weather and tamper resistant with hardened steel reinforcement enabling you to ride and lock your bike with peace of mind.
Designed in California

With roots in New York and California, LINKA's design and product team is based in sunny Oakland. Cali is where the magic happens.

2 Year EU Warranty

We stand by the quality and integrity of our products. Two year limited warranty is inclusive of every purchase.*

Award-winning security

ART® approved
Eurobike Gold Award 2017
Eurobike Startup Award 2017
Taipei Cycle d&i Gold award 2017

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"A revolutionary new bike lock."

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“The world’s first auto-unlocking 
smart bike lock.”