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Meet LEO 2

4G LTE connectivity1. GPS tracking. TetherSense© plug-in chain ready.

Pinpoint your bike’s location

With LEO 2 Pro’s built-in GPS, track your bike almost anywhere. LEO 2 Pro’s upgraded 4G LTE connectivity including 3G/2G fallback1 across 200+ global networks enables remote connectivity to your bike.

Track and pinpoint your bike’s location with a 3m range of accuracy.
Receive alerts in the LINKA app anytime someone tampers with your bike anywhere in the world.
Uncompromised network connectivity with 4G LTE. No data plan or monthly fees for global coverage for the first year.2

TetherSense© technology. Instant locking.

Plug-in TetherSense© directly into LEO 2 to instantly secure bike. Choose from 2 levels of security with the TetherSense© Standard Chain or Heavy Duty Chain.

Prevent any opportunity for theft. LEO 2 Pro detects when your bike is parked and auto-locks after 5 minutes of no motion. (Optional)
Plug-in TetherSense© directly into LEO 2 Pro to instantly secure your bike. Choose from 2 levels of security with the TetherSense© Standard Chain or Heavy Duty Chain. (Sold separately)
Smart Fob-compatible
Access your bike with the LINKA Smart Fob. Lock or unlock at a tap of a button without your smartphone. (Sold separately)

Designed for e-bikes

The sleek, compact design fits even more bike frames while accommodating for larger e-bike wheels in addition to traditional bike sizes.

110dB Siren alarm

A triple-axis accelerometer detects unwanted movements, triggering a screeching 110dB siren, deterring the would-be thief.

Advanced battery

LEO 2 Pro’s upgraded battery is 60% larger than LEO 1.

Secure & durable

LEO 2 Pro's matte-black powder coated die cast aluminum shell & square 9mm hardened steel shackle safeguards your bike from bolt cutters and saws.

Customize LEO 2 Pro to suit you

With the LINKA app, enjoy keyless access and share your bike with friends and family. Adjust your lock settings to suit your needs.

Keyless access

Never fiddle with clunky keys, access your bike in the app or by entering a phoneless unique access code.

Phoneless access code

A 4‐digit access code ensures you can always unlock your lock using LEO 2 Pro’s Touch Pad, even if your phone battery dies. View and change the code anytime through the app.

Share your bike

Grant access to your bike remotely to friends and family. Pair your LEO with multiple users so your whole family can access your bike.

Customize your lock settings

Adjust the sensitivity of the tamper alarm to avoid false alarms and toggle your auto-lock on/off.

Fitting guide

LINKA will fit on 85% of the bikes in the market. Check out this fitting guide to ensure the lock will work with your bike.


Which LINKA is for you?

Keyless access
Bluetooth 4.2
110dB siren
Secure & durable
GPS Tracking
Global tamper alerts
E-bike compatible
Keyless access
Bluetooth 4.2
110dB siren
Secure & durable
Compare LINKA

1 Built-in 4G LTE for the best global coverage.
2 1 year unlimited data plan is inclusive upon purchase of LEO 2 Pro. Thereafter, the Peace Of Mind Plan can be activated for unlimited data charged at $2.50/month.